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Quench your thirst in a sustainable way! With this reusable BOTTLE made of stainless steel (SUS304), we offer you a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

5 Dollars of each sale go directly to our clean-up activities on the north shore of Java, Indonesia.


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GOT BAG is an eco-friendly, social-first backpack & lifestyle luggage brand, dedicated to raising awareness and cleaning our oceans from plastic pollution. With the idea of turning plastic waste into sustainable travel gear, GOT BAG started in 2016 to develop the world’s first backpacks made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. What has been a passion project of two good friends tightly connected to the ocean since childhood is now a dedication and a fast-emerging movement. GOT BAG’s very own network of 1,500 fishermen collects ocean plastic as by-catch, which is then carefully separated and cleaned before processed. For each product, GOT BAG recovers up to 9 lbs of ocean plastic.